Pork production

Our modern production and packing facility is located in Woudenberg. We have a production capacity of over 1,000 tons of pork per week and can produce products to meet your specific requirements. Be that in terms of cut or the method of freezing or packaging, the possibilities are diverse.

Preferred supplier

We both execute and monitor the entire process of production, quality control, stock management and transport ourselves. This allows us to guarantee high quality products and speedy deliveries.

As a result we are a preferred supplier to the snack industry and many processed meat, pâté and sausage manufacturers both in the Netherlands and abroad. The EG registration number assigned to Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is EG 5082 NL.

Meat processing industry

The products we supply to the meat processing industry are processed fresh and supplied as semifinished products. We process the following products:

  • Offals
  • Jowls
  • Rendered and unrendered lard

As a stock-keeping manufacturer, we can supply high-quality products at competitive rates. From fresh meats to ingredients for your final product; by managing and executing the entire chain with skilled staff, we are able to create and provide added value for our customers.


Our export department specialises in the sale of pork to the global meat processing industry. The meat produced in our facility meets all the relevant standards and is suitable for export to a wide variety of destinations. The many certifications we hold make this possible.

Reliable partner

Our reputation as a reliable partner has enabled us to secure a solid position in many export markets. Reliability in terms of fulfilling agreements is both essential and what we stand for. Via our logistics and QA departments we monitor the safety and quality of our flow of goods. This enables us to operate flexibly in a dynamic market.

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