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The history Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V.

Het verhaal = foto Ferdinand senior
In 1927, Johannes Zandbergen started his own butcher’s shop. A butcher at heart, he laid the foundation stone for what would grow into a thriving family business. What started as a modest butchery in Leiden steadily grew into a network of more than 15 butchers and a sizeable wholesale business. The love of meat was in our DNA, a legacy we grew up with.
In 2005, Ferdinand and Ingrid Zandbergen decided to take the business to the next level. They settled in Woudenberg and established Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V., with a sharp focus on poultry and pork products. This was the beginning of our journey to market leadership. Each generation has its own department, a tradition dating back to the company’s early days. The third generation, represented by Pim, Ferdinand and Wessel, is now at the helm.
At this location, several generations within the family work together with dedicated employees. Every day, we strive for optimal customer service by ensuring the highest quality, flexibility and honouring agreements. Meat is in our blood.

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