Ferdinand Zandbergen BV is keen to focus on sustainable and socially responsible. We are continuously looking for the right balance between the environment, people and society. The focus is on ensuring a better environment for both humans and animals.

Environment & Society

As an organisation Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is committed to corporate social responsibility. During the construction of our production building in 2008, sustainability was a key area of consideration. We feel engaged with our employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and the society we live and work in.

People & Society
To our employees welfare is paramount. That is why we invest in educations, internships and creating optimum working conditions. The latter relates to the work climate as well as machinery and equipment.


  • Our modern factory has a heat recovery system. The heat from the engine rooms is recovered and reused to heat water.
  • The building has self-closing doors, reducing the energy needed to regulate the temperature.
  • The cold and freezer rooms have extra thick insulating walls and a NH3 system. Ammonia (NH3) is one of the most efficient refrigerants.
  • The production hall and the cold and freezer rooms all have sustainable LED lighting.
  • Our fleet consists exclusively of trucks with Euro 6 engines. The main advantage of Euro 6 engines is that the emissions of harmful emissions have been reduced to practically immeasurable levels. They have also been developed to minimise fuel consumption. Furthermore, all our drivers have received Eco-Driving instruction. They have learned to adopt a new fuel-efficient, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly driving style.
  • We also encourage environmental responsibility among our employees. All waste is segregated and water and energy efficiency measures are in place.
  • In the first quarter of 2018 we have equipped our new office with solar panels. This generates clean (green) energy, which results in a reduction of the ecological footprint. The solar panels will generate approximately 31,650 kWh per year; enough for an energy-neutral office.

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