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Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is periodically assessed by independent, specialized bodies. The labels obtained below endorse the quality of our meat products and work processes.

Code of Conduct

Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. has signed the industry-specific code of conduct, a guide for appropriate behavior and proper conduct in food safety and product integrity within the meat sector. The premise of this COV Code of Conduct is that its signatories shall comply with all legal obligations set forth in European and national legislation with respect to food safety and food integrity assurance.

BRCGS certification provides us as an organization with assurance about the control of the production process of our meat and additional products and services such as packaging and transportation. BRCGS certification contributes to clear analysis of risks, their control and continuous improvement of food safety. Our BRCGS certification shows that we meet the food safety requirements set by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and is a leading recognition. BRCGS certification is also recognized by GFSI, the global association of retailers. We are proud to announce that we have achieved AA status and hold the BRCGS Food and Agents and Brokers certificates.

Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. holds the Integrale Keten Beheersing (IKB) hallmark for the IKB Pig. This means that our products and their creation are extensively tested for quality by independent bodies. We are also registered in the German QS database.

With the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is recognized as being a distributor with a secure supply chain. This involves safeguards throughout the logistics chain for the safe movement of goods. The starting point is a review of safeguards and security procedures in a general sense.

AEO recognition is all about securing the entire supply-chain (chain approach). Thus, from producer to buyer, the flow of goods is kept in view. Other systems, similar to the AEO concept, apply outside the EU. Comparison is possible thanks to a standard developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is recognized as a distributor with the Beter Leven Keurmerk for Pigs, Cutting Plants and Meat Processors (1 star). The Animal Protection Society’s Beter Leven Keurmerk makes it easier for consumers to choose meat products where the welfare of the animals has actually been worked on.

FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification provides a framework for managing our organization’s food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO standards. It demonstrates that we have a robust food safety management system that meets the requirements of our customers and consumers.


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