Poultry import

Our import department specialises in the import and distribution of poultry. The key focus at Ferdinand Zandbergen B.V. is on customer requirements; we have an extensive range of products meeting a variety of specifications. Among other things, you can choose between salted, peppered, unseasoned, fresh and cooked products. Furthermore, as a large licence holder, we are able to import and supply products from stock across the EU market at competitive rates. We import much of our poultry from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Thailand, China and Ukraine.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile

Brazil is the largest supplier of poultry in the European Union. Besides unseasoned, salted, marinated and peppered products, we also supply cooked products to the manufacturing, wholesale and food service sectors. Next to that we import unseasoned and salted chicken products from Argentina.

Poultry production is a rapidly growing sector in Chile, primarily supplying chicken and turkey. As a result of the many free trade agreements Chile has, including those with the EU, the import rates are usually favourable. We import unseasoned and salted poultry, among other things, which are in particular suitable for the food service and manufacturing sectors.

China and Thailand

China has a rich food culture and it is with that in mind that we import cooked chicken and grilled duck products from China. Once again, these products are available from stock in a range of specifications.

Thailand is the second largest supplier of poultry to the EU, after Brazil. The unseasoned, salted and cooked chicken products we import from Thailand, such as boiled, grilled and fried chicken, naturally meet the stringent quality standards we impose.


In 2013 the European Union agreed an import quota with Ukraine in respect of poultry, among other things. The meat exported by Ukraine to the European Union complies with European food safety requirements. Our imports from Ukraine include frozen, fresh, salted, unseasoned and cooked products. Thanks to the favourable location (short travelling distance) both response and delivery can be fast.


We maintain good relationships within the European Union, allowing us to also supply a range of chicken products from within the EU.

Ferdinand Zandbergen BV markets

As an independent poultry importer, we can deliver consistent, high quality to customers within the European Union. Our long-term relationships allow us to respond flexibly to numerous types of request. We distribute our imported poultry meat products to various markets, including:

  • Snack and meat product producers
  • Producers of ready meals
  • Food service

As an importer holding its own stock, we can offer any volume at competitive prices, directly or based on a contract. Do you have a special request, and are you curious about the possibilities? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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