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Fresh pork

Our fresh pork comes from Western Europe, this is collected with our own logistics fleet. Our specialties are the products of the fifth quarter: cheeks, rind, bacon and various organ products, processed in volume up to 600 tons per week.

Quality is our top priority. Upon delivery, we check all products and go for the highest possible. Having an in-house lab, quality department, cold stores, tempering capability and a full shipping/production department allows us to ensure quality and desire to take the worry out of your hands

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All of our pork is processed in our own plant into high-quality semi-finished products for the meat, snack and pet food industries. We freeze this according to the customer’s wishes. Think of plate freezing or crate freezing, which can be chosen as desired for naked packing with/without intermediate sheet or as poly block with/without bag.

Quality processing is our priority so that we can always meet the requirements of different industries.

Choose reliability, quality and a wide range of pork products. We are your partner in pork, always ready to meet your specific needs.


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